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Our Stories

2005 – The Beginning

Cargo Logistics International began in 2008 as an import company focused and specialized in containerized full container imports from Asia and Latin America. Our company was built on the import of goods into the United States and grew to include exporting goods out of the United States to various countries around the globe. Customs broker services were added to assist clients in shipping cargo without having to source customs assistance elsewhere. With this focus on shipping internationally and assisting with customs brokerage, our company continued to grow and develop with a customer focused mindset, intent on making shipping cargo more efficient and problem free.

The Tipping Point

With an everchanging and volatile transportation industry, both internationally and domestically, Cargo Logistics International decided to expand its services across all shipping markets to ensure we could provide our clients with the desired level of expertise in all areas of shipping. Expanding our focus to include specialized areas, such as project cargo and foreign-to-foreign shipping, has allowed our international services to be more well-rounded and suitable for our international client base in both imports and exports.

Additionally, growing our domestic division allowed us to breach markets locally in the United States enabling us to encapsulate expertise in all areas of transportation making Cargo Logistics International a single-source freight solution.

The Company Today


Today, Cargo Logistics International is a leader in containerized ocean freight transportation and domestic trucking services. When you want to design your supply chain so that your business uses the most efficient freight methods available for sourcing, manufacturing, transportation and order fulfillment, Cargo Logistics International is a single-source freight solution to meet your total logistics and distribution needs.

With a multi-faceted focus on both international and domestic transportation as customs broker services, our company provides our customers with a highly flexible approach to supply chain management for standard ocean shipping, project cargo (including RO/RO & foreign-to-foreign cargo), and domestic logistics that is designed to meet any complex transportation needs with exceptional pricing options.

Trust our professionalism and choose us for your next project, related to:

  • Ocean Freight – we partner with 29 ocean carriers, and have 417 ports serviced
  • Air Transportation – services that enable you to expand your business
  • 24/7/365 real-time security for your valuable cargo
  • Project Cargo – experience in handling special projects for any destination, at a competitive price
  • Rail Logistics Services – rail logistics support and inspection, verification and audit services
  • Roll On/Roll Off – low-cost transportation method of any wheeled cargo that can be transported with a vessel

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